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We also offer a weapons martial arts program. Our choice of weapon is the Bo Staff. As you learn how to handle the Bo Staff, you will then be taught the many strikes and blocks. You will learn the traditional aspects of the Bo Staff. You will be given the opportunity to learn the use of a Bo Staff in a competition setting in both Traditional and Open Style Kata’s.


We also offer an additional class in Board Breaking. The class will be taught in three levels beginner, intermediate and advance levels for both Children and Adults. As you progress in your Martial Arts training, board breaking provides a way of realizing your steps of progression in many ways. The first would be to overcome the natural fear of injury by breaking a board. You will be taught the proper way to stand, and the correct techniques and mind set to break thru a board. If not done correctly, board breaking can potentially lead to a serious injury. The Intermediate level of breaking usually comes with the student increasing the amount of material broken; by accomplishing this it also increase’s one’s self confidence in the power and effectiveness of their ability.  As you get to the advance level along with your martial arts training you will increase your mental focus, body awareness and placement and overall confidence level that will carry thru to your personal accomplishments, either in school or the workplace and overall a good general life lesson


Bullying is one of the most difficult issues that youths might encounter in our society today. Here at Bashta’s Martial Arts we instill in each student’s our Martial Arts Tenets: Honor, Courage Persistence and Humility. Our martial art program will help in building their self-esteem and confidence.  Our training program will discipline both their body and mind to overcome any type of bullying against them.


Please contact us for further information on our Bullying seminars or actual martial art classes.


We also have classes in Traditional and Creative Forms, Self Defense and Board Breaking as part of our curriculum. With such a diverse groups of programs running at all times, we feel you will truly get a well rounded workout and  will inevitably become a more complete Martial Artist.


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